About the Foundation

Renewing the Foundation's Mission....

John Steeves and Mary Williams are Co-Founders of the CH Park Foundation (After the two decided to relaunch the organization). John is the President and Mary serves as Treasurer. John dedicated his time to the community by serving as a Clarendon Hills Park District Commissioner for twenty-three years and officiating high school football, wrestling and baseball for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) for thirty-seven years. 

Mary has been a part of the community for many years. She was the former President and Commissioner of the CH Park District and was also a Village Board Trustee. Both are dedicated to this community and enjoy giving back through the CH Park Foundation. 

To enhance the beauty of the parks even more, the organization was redesigned to continue its mission. While the park district develops and maintains the parks, the CH Park Foundation implements projects to create a unique and inviting experience for all to enjoy.  

Friends of the CH Park Foundation  

We would like to recognize the many people that have participated in the foundation from years past to current. We Couldn't have done the many projects and served our community it without them.   THANK YOU! 

Marie Bill
Mary Church Brown
Marsha Looney
Mary Odwazny
Don Ortale

James Portschy
Robin Ryndall 

Kay Shannon

John Steeves, Co-Founder 

Lori Thompson 

Katherine Uchyu-Tish
Joseph Vanek

Mary Williams, Co-Founder


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our community by enhancing the active and passive areas in our parks!