Meet The Board of Directors

Clarendon Hills Park Foundation Board

John Steeves, President & Co-founder

Mary Williams, Treasurer & Co-Founder

Jackie Wilson, Membership Chair

Sue Dressler, Event Chair 

Paul Flood, Board Member

Rosemary Grant, Board Member

Sandra Siakel, Board Member

Suzanne Austin - C.H. Park District Board Liaison

I became a member of the Board of Directors because...... 

I want to continue my service to the park district within a foundation setting. Serving the village in a recreational setting is fun and rewarding. John Steeves - President

I am passionate about reaching out to our community to encourage a special bond with our parks and all the wonderful projects we create to enhance our village.

 Sue Dressler - Board Member

I want to contribute to our community by working on exciting projects enhancing our Parks. 

 Jackie Wilson - Board Member

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A Board position is a volunteer opportunity. We are looking for board and advisors to establish a solid foundation.  

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our community by enhancing the active and passive areas in our parks.