Our Commitment to Nature

Wildlife in Our Clarendon Hills Parks

Did you know that our parks have a variety of animals to see and habitats to explore? The Clarendon Hills Park Foundation prides itself on ensuring that the parks in our community provide space not only for people but for animals as well.  

On any given day, you might see a wren, a few turtles or a host of baby chicks (living in nests with a hope of one day flying)!  You might see a host of honey bees reaping their collection of pollen and nectar (which ultimately pollinates plants for reproduction). 

When the Foundation creates projects, we focus on ways to educate our community while we respectfully share space with the wildlife that surrounds our homes, businesses and schools. 

Future plans of the foundation may include seating so that people can rest and observe nature. Other projects might bring awareness of the importance of keeping and maintaining open space within our community.  Whatever we decide to do to enhance the beauty of Clarendon Hills parks, we will always keep nature first on our agenda. 

Nature Photography

We hope that you enjoy the many beautiful photographs of the various parks throughout Clarendon Hills. Special thanks goes to Mary Brown for these wonderful images!