A Tree Sculpture

Art In Prospect Park

Lightning  strikes and high winds may have taken three trees from Prospect Park  last year, but it left enough of one of those trees to add some art to  the park.


“There  were two willow trees that were rotten, and we couldn’t do anything  with them, but we decided to look into doing something with what was  left of the cottonwood tree that was hit,” said Don Scheltens, Executive Director of the Clarendon Hills Park District.


With the work of Eric Widitz of Art in Trees, the cottonwood stump now  depicts a young baseball player and his little sister sporting a fishing  pole. 


“We  wanted to center it on that because it’s right there, near the Little  League field,” said John Steeves of the Clarendon Hills Park Foundation.  “We also wanted the sculpture to bring in the rest of the park, and we  liked that idea of a Little League player and his little sister.”   Chicago Tribune